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Jinx Spark AKA Midnight Warrior by Sting-raptor
Jinx Spark AKA Midnight Warrior

Name: Jinx Spark

Age: 25

Height: 5’8”, 6’ with armor.

Weight: 140, 260 with armor.

Gender: Female

Species: Gardevoir, although her armor looks like a Gallade.

Type: Psychic

Ability: Trace

Moveset: Moonblast, Confusion, Future Sight, Heal Pulse

Armor TM Movesets: TM35 (Flamethrower), TM24 (Thunderbolt), TM13 (Ice Beam)

Background: Jinx was never remarkable in the looks department, in spite of being born a shiny; she was born with a defect that made her natural dress that all Gardevoirs have get smaller with age.  The dress in question is now no bigger than a long mini skirt, she has avoided being bullied by wearing a fake dress but she has made up for her physical flaws with her intelligence. Having always been extremely smart, Jinx graduated high school in little over two years and went on to graduating college in five. While looking for a job she invented a device known as a Driver, a device which allows it’s user to use TM attacks that there Pokémon species usually couldn’t. Most companies didn’t see the practically of this tool until Global Moves CO. contacted her. The Founder of the company, an elderly Marowak by the name of Vincent Médula saw great potential in both the Driver and it’s inventor that he hired her on as an employee. Then tragedy struck, Jinx’s parents were killed in a car accident. As hard as it was, she worked though it and Vincent respected that. Because of evens in the past, Vincent’s family wanted nothing to do with him so he basically took Jinx under his wing. A year later his health started failing and with no one to leave his company or his money to, he wrote Jinx into his will and trust with the only stipulation being that she used what she had gotten from him to help people. After his passing, Jinx was left in charge and unsure as to what to do to fulfill Vincent’s wish. She had first thought of giving the money to charity but Jinx figured that wouldn’t help for long so she dug deep into Vincent’s notes to find something better. There she discovered the blueprints for prototype armor. Intrigued, she looked into the file and found out that not only did Vincent build the armor but it was stored under her office.  Curiosity peaked, Jinx took the armor out for a joy ride but she ran into trouble. A trio of thugs were trying to shake down a business man for money in a back alley and it didn’t look like anyone was going to help him. Jinx wasn’t about to let the thieves get away with it; she jumped into action and quickly defeated them. Deciding that a long interrogation wouldn’t be good for her reputation, she left the crooks for the cops and returned to her tower. A few days of thinking later, Jinx decided to honor Vincent’s dying wish by upgrading the armor with her Driver system while making the armor look like a Gallade and took up crime fighting by night. As she hunts criminals mostly at night, she took on the name of Midnight Warrior as a name to give bad guys something to fear.  

Art by AraghenXD and Jinx is mine.



Devon Asbill
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hmmmm let see im not a horrible drawer but im far from the best. im calm most of the time, kinda crazy. love the water. I like reptiles, Monsters and most prehistoric animals. if you need to know more let me know.

Current Residence: Las Vegas
Favourite genre of music: Rock and alternative.
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: I don't have a shell.
Skin of choice: scale
Personal Quote: What in the hell?

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