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Devon Asbill
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hmmmm let see im not a horrible drawer but im far from the best. im calm most of the time, kinda crazy. love the water. I like reptiles, Monsters and most prehistoric animals. if you need to know more let me know.

Current Residence: Las Vegas
Favourite genre of music: Rock and alternative.
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: I don't have a shell.
Skin of choice: scale
Personal Quote: What in the hell?
Stolen from AraghenXD


[X] You can see what cannot be seen by normal people.
[X] You believe in the inconceivable.  
[X] You refuse to give up childish qualities. 
[X] You always ask "why?"
[ ] You live in the clouds. (no, I hate heights ahah)
Total: 4  

[x] You have Positive, Negative, and Cognitive thoughts mixed together.
[ ] You're constantly paranoid.
[ ] You're hypersensitive to criticism, feelings, and insults etc.
[ ] You're moody, hostile, and have some anxiety.
[x] You have blank expressions, and stare when deep in thought.
Total: 2

[x] You like to scare people for the fun of it. 
[x] You find an interest in those way younger/older than you. (namely Pokemon)
[ ] You know how to make anyone succumb to you.
[ ] You have an "inhuman" talent.
[ ] You take standing out in the crowd to a whole new level. (I try not to)
total: 2 

[x] You find cemeteries and dead things fascinating. (I think dinosaurs count)
[x] You can talk about blood and gory things with a smile. 
[ ] Things like coffins and zombie portraits are nice accessories to a house.
[ ] You wouldn't mind living in dark and horrific world without a sun. 
[ ] You are happy about gloomy and Gothic things. (I like deserts more)
Total: 2

[x] You shout excessively about nonsense.  
[x] You are constantly hyperactive and nutty.
[x] You are eager for mischief.
[x] You can make a scene and be comfortable with it. 
[ ] You look up to horror movie villains. 
Total: 5 

[ ] Being cruel is a good thing.
[x] You enjoy watching others suffer. (Only if there an asshole who had it coming)
[ ] You like to hurt others.
[ ] You like torturing people. 
[ ] You would rather watch someone get beat up than help them. 
Total: 1

[ ] You like being in pain. 
[ ] You enjoy letting people hurt you.
[ ] You let yourself get hurt.
[ ] Being cruel is a good thing.
[ ] You like being submissive no matter your opinion.
Total: 0

[x] You are obsessed with something. (sometimes several somethings)
[x] Video/Computer games are more than just a pass time. (does videos about games count) 
[x] You know how to do technological things normal people don't. (that's not saying much0
[ ] You prefer to read and/or collect comic books over most things. 
[x] Glasses are an accessory, not a necessity. (do sunglasses count)
Total: 4

[x] You are not interested in most things.
[x] You usually don't have a bias about anything.
[ ] Your purpose in life is to live and die and to do nothing more.
[x] You usually don't show emotion to things.
[ ] You are pretty much carefree about everything.
Total: 3 

[x] You are cheerful.
[x] You are very energetic about most things.
[x] You are usually optimistic.
[x] You can get overexcited about nothing.
[ ] You are very enthusiastic about almost anything.
Total: 4  

[ ] You are passionate, soulful, and earthy.
[ ] You prefer and do styles of different eras other than your own.
[ ] You usually smell strange to others. 
[x] You are outlandishly vulgar or eccentric in a humorous way.
[ ] Looking very different from normal people is essential. 
Total: 1 

[ ] You like wearing bright funky clothes and having unnatural hair, eye, and makeup colors.
[x] You are extravagantly enthusiastic and speak in a wild manner.
[ ] Techno music is essential.
[ ] Late night parties and wild celebrations with loud music is a way of life.
[ ] Glow sticks are the way to light up a night.
Total: 1

[ ] You are skilled with manipulating people
[ ] You are skilled at "acting" and fooling people
[ ] Having multiple relationships at once is a fun/good thing.
[ ] You have a devilish charm.
[ ] You are selfish and arrogant. 
Total: 0 

[ ] You usually have 'false' beliefs and/or opinions. 
[ ] You have a misleading judgment.
[ ] You have paranoia.
[ ] You always think you do wrong things and are guilty.
[ ] Aliens have kidnapped you and tried to probe you before you escaped and came back to Earth.
Total: 0 

[ ] You give in to conformity of what everyone else does
[ ] You are perpendicular! 
[ ] You are free from any mental illness. (none that I'm aware of although I may be bat shit crazy) 
[ ] You have an "average" intelligence.
[ ] You didn't click anything from any other category!
Total: 0

So I'm an insanely perky raptor that is also a geek, works for me.  

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