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Thunderdevil OC RWBY animal by Sting-raptor
Thunderdevil OC RWBY animal

Species:  Thunderdevil


 Size: The largest one ever seen was assumed to be about 20 feet with a wingspan of about 36 feet.


Weight: Undetermined but it is assumed that it weighs somewhere between 440 and 480 pounds.


Where to find:  This species is usually found close to large thunderstorms that from in spring and summer but for the rest of the year they are rather hard to find.


Powers: Strong talons and powerful jaws, Weather manipulation but more specifically thunderstorms, able to generate and control lightning from within its body, Camouflage feathers, Taser tail feathers.


Weaknesses: None known but it is largely assumed that in order for it to fly its bones are probably hollow which would mean it wouldn’t take much physical force to injure it. 


Bio: Not all creatures of legend on Remnant are Grimm; this is certainly true of the elusive Thunderdevils. Once thought to be a myth or an oddly colored Nevermore has since been proven to be an animal. One reason for the confusion is the feeding habits of the Thunderdevil, while most of the year it feeds on pollen, birds and Nevermore, during the spring and summer months Thunderdevils form massive packs to manipulate large thunderstorms into making tornados to suck up food from the ground. As such these animals have the classification of being a monster and are also considered a threat. Thunderdevils have never been observed on the ground so it is largely assumed that they spend all their life on the wing and as such it is unknown how they raise their young but the large animal appears to have a pouch of some kind. It has been noted that Thunderdevils seam to appear and disappear out of thin air and this is due in large part to their feathers as they seem to have the ability to change color. As they are animals, Thunderdevils have an aura and it is this that give them powers to manipulate weather but it also seems to give them another power, the power to generate and use lighting as a weapon as a rather small Thunderdevil has been seen killing a rather large Nevermore with little difficulty with lighting. Interestingly enough they seem to have a high intelligence and have been seen using extremely clever attack strategies to take down much larger pray. If a Thunderdevil can’t kill a target or get away it can fire its tail feathers at its attacker, each feather is estimated to produce 50 000 volts of electricity and while that’s not lethal to large targets, it would buy enough time for the Thunderdevil to escape.   

So way back about half way through season 1 of RWBY I had a thought, if the Grimm are this bad how bad are the animals and could something eat them. Now it was explained later on in the World of Remnant series that they just kinda dissolve into thin air sooooo I had to come up with a new idea. The new idea is that maybe animals found a way to feed off of negative emotions in addition to normal food and so life finds a way. Also brings about a cool idea about when nature decides to take its wrath back. 

RWBY is made by

The art was made by 

The Thunderdevil idea was mine. 



Devon Asbill
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hmmmm let see im not a horrible drawer but im far from the best. im calm most of the time, kinda crazy. love the water. I like reptiles, Monsters and most prehistoric animals. if you need to know more let me know.

Current Residence: Las Vegas
Favourite genre of music: Rock and alternative.
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
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Skin of choice: scale
Personal Quote: What in the hell?
So as many of you know majhost has been down and this time I'm sure it's gone for good so wile I'm not working on my part in the upcoming World Sprite Tournament, I'm going to upload my old sprite comics here. Now a lot of my old stuff I didn't use word bubbles so I will also be updating them aswell. 

So please stand by wile I do that.

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